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FLO EdTech Sandbox Series – Padlet (Nov. 15, 2023)

BCcampus webinar hosted November 15, 2023 Facilitator: Lisa Gedak Host: Gwen Nguyen In this session you will be introduced to Padlet and case uses for this innovative tool for teaching and…

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FLO EdTech Sandbox – WordPress/Podcasting (Oct. 11, 2023)

BCcampus webinar hosted October 11, 2023. Facilitator: Brenna Clarke Gray Host: Britt Dzioba Many of us have learned to screencast and video lecture in the past few years, but relatively few have…

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FLO EdTech Sandbox Series – Mattermost (Sep. 13, 2023)

BCcampus webinar hosted September 13, 2023. Facilitator: Ian Linkletter Host: Gwen Nguyen Mattermost is an open-source communication tool that facilitates collaboration in a team chat environment…

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EdTech Demo: Using Open Journal System and Open Monograph Press for Open Pedagogy

BCcampus EdTech Demo recorded on April 12, 2017 Using Open Journal System and Open Monograph Press for Open Pedagogy Facilitator: Kevin Stranack, Public Knowledge Project Moderator: Clint Lalonde,…

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More Tools than Time: Sharing a Rubric for Aiding Instructors’ Predictive Evaluation of eLearning Tools

With the growth of eLearning tools, instructors are increasingly pressed to make timely and informed selections that are best for them, their courses, and their students. To foster instructors’…

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ETUG Emeritus Amanda Harby on the genesis of ETUG

Mini documentary from ETUG Emeritus Amanda Harby on the genesis of ETUG and the early years of the organization

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EdTech Demo - Crowdmark

This webinar introduces Crowdmark, an online collaborative grading and analytics platform. Crowdmark is deployed at SFU and UBC and currently serves more than 25% of the full-time undergraduate…

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EdTech Demo: WeVu

EdTech Demo: WeVu WeVu is a web video platform for a new kind of video-enabled learning and training. WeVu turns ‘educational video’ upside down. Instead of many students watching one…

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Blackboard Ally EdTech Demo

Through a seamless integration with the Learning Management System, Blackboard Ally focuses on making course content more accessible. It helps institutions gain detailed insight into the…

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EdTech Demo: Waymaker by Lumen Learning

As students find their footing in college, the right intervention at the right moment can transform outcomes. In this session, Ross Strader, Director of Learning Engineering at Lumen Learning, guides…

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Teaching STEM Online: Challenges and Solutions with Maplesoft

Archive of EdTech Demo with Maplesoft recorded May 30th, 2017. This presentation looks at how the educational landscape is transforming worldwide, and how institutions and instructors can be part…

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ELMS:LN EdTech Demo

BCcampus EdTech Demo of ELMSLN. ELMSLN is a fundamentally new approach to LMS design. Instead of starting with 1 giant system, ELMSLN is built out more like Google Apps Suite or the Microsoft…

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Using the Grav CMS as a Personal Open Platform in Education

EdTech Demo from Wednesday, January 25th, 2017 with Paul Hibbitts from SFU. Grav is a database-free CMS which stores content in a flexible and easy-to-access file structure, which is ideal to take…

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EdTech demo of with Jeremy Dean, Director of Education at Recorded on November 29, 2016.

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